Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Family Resourse Centres are Getting Organised

Workers in Family Resource Centres (FRC) across the country are getting organised in SIPTU to ensure they have strong voice nationally.

Workers in the over 100 FRCs support families in difficult circumstances and provide
practical assistance to community groups delivering training and education.

County Kerry FRC worker and SIPTU activist, Suzanna Griffin, said: “FRCs play a vital role in communities. They base their work on community development principles, and involve people from marginalised groups and areas of disadvantage. FRC workers support families, help children, and look after the elderly and disabled.”

She added: “However, they have suffered massively due to cuts. Currently, 50% of FRCs have to  fundraise to meet their basic wage costs and pay basic overheads, such as heating and lighting.

“Most FRC core staff have had a pay freeze since 2008, with no increments awarded, and no increase in rates of pay since then. Others have taken pay cuts to ensure their centres have remained open. During this time, FRC staff workloads have increased significantly such is the demand for the services they provide.”

Griffin, who is also a SIPTU NEC Equality Subcommittee member and the union’s representative on the National Womens Council, added: “With TUSLA (the Child and Family Agency) taking over the funding of FRCs there will be changes. By organising with SIPTU, workers will be in a better position to protect jobs and the delivery of vital community services.”

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