Tuesday, 24 April 2012

SIPTU Community Campaign joins lone parents to say “7 is too young”

The SIPTU Community Campaign joined with SPARK, and other lone parent organisations, at a press conference today (24th April) in Dublin to say that “7 is too young” and call for a review of Section 4 of the Social Welfare Bill 2012 restricting Lone Parents Allowance for families whose youngest child is over seven years of age.

SIPTU Community Sector Organiser, Darragh O’Connor, said; “As childcare provision is a key part of any solution for lone parents accessing work I welcome the statement by the Minister for Social Protection, Joan Burton, that the One Parent Family Payment will only be restricted if a credible commitment on childcare provision is given by the Government.

“The Community Sector has a key role to play in any solution to the issue of childcare provision. By expanding on the existing infrastructure and utilising Community Employment the State could deliver a childcare service that is not only high quality and affordable for parents, but also cost effective for Government.”

Darragh O’Connor called for a joint approach between the relevant Government departments and stakeholders to address childcare needs.

“It is almost universally accepted that investment in quality childcare yields huge returns for communities. As part of an overall growth strategy a comprehensive childcare system must be a priority,” he added.

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