Tuesday, 21 February 2012

St. Michael's Estate Regeneration: Call for Support

A letter from Rita Fagan, St. Michael's Estate Regeneration Team

Unfortunately we are here again!  We are writing to you to inform you of an unexpected and disappointing turn of events that has taken place yet again in St.Michael's Estate. 

As you know a two acre section of the site is being used to build 75 units of accommodation, a crèche/community after schools and a local estate office. 

This development was being done by BAM Construction Company and it started on November 2010 and the structure is three quarters finished. However at a meeting last Friday Dublin City Council informed the Local Regeneration Board that it is terminating the contract with the builder on the grounds of health and safety. 

At the moment there is a ten day moratorium. While we cannot condone this we want the two parties to mediate a resolution on this crisis instead of it ending up in the courts. Call in the top mediators/negotiators do whatever it takes to get this back on track.

It is our view that serious mediation needs to take place for this issue to be resolved as quickly as possible. Therefore we are asking for your support for this and for this matter to be dealt at the highest level. 

We are asking supporters to contact Minister Phil Hogan and Minister Jan O' Sullivan and ask for immidiate mediation on this matter.

If you have time and resources could you contact your local T.D.'s. We would appreciate if you could also forward this email to others who might support us.

Again we want to thank you for your continued support in the past but we need you again to get this back on track!

Here are the emails of both Minister Phil Hogan and Jan O’ Sullivan


Rita Fagan
St. Michael's Estate Regeneration Team

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